The goods have been delivered to the Carrier as an agent of the buyer and the SHAH MILL STORES ( The Company ) is not responsible for any acts of commission or omission of the carrier and/or his servants or agents. All sales by company are ex-shop and hence its responsibility ceases as soon as the goods leave its premises.

In case any damage, breakage and/or leakage, the buyer is advised to take open delivery in the presence of the representative of the carrier viz. Railways, Courier or the Road Transport Co. The buyer should obtain a suitable certificate from the person effecting the delivery and also give appropriate remarks in the carriers delivery book.

In case the goods have been insured by the Company, the buyer should inform the company with expedition to enable it to file the necessary claim with the insurance company.

Goods once sold cannot be returned.

Payment must be made through A/C Payee Bank Draft or Cheque drawn in favor of the Company. No receipt is valid unless granted on the Company's official form and signed by the Company's authorized representative. Receipt is valid subject to realisation of cheque.

All local charges like octroi, etc., if any, are to be paid and borne by the buyer.

The concessional rate of sales tax charged in the bill is subject to the buyer furnishing to the Company  the prescribed declaration form (e.g. C Form ). In case of otherwise, the Company shall be entitled to recover differential tax amount along with interest and penalty etc. as be leviable.

Any failure of the Company to exercise any right or remedy available to it concerning this transaction or to require payment from or by the buyer due to it, or any extension of time and/or forbearance on the part of the Company or any subsequent or continuing default by the buyer hereunder shall not prejudice or restrict the rights of the Company. The Company may at any time insist upon strict compliance with these terms and conditions not withstanding any previous custom, practice, or dealing to the contrary.

Buyer must collect the duplicate copy of the invoice from the transporter while taking delivery. The Company will not entertain any claims arisen.
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